Privacy Policy

Curious about how we handle your personal data?


Privacy policy for Defendable


Hi, and thanks for taking the time to read this. You’re a rare breed, but we love you for it!

We strive to collect as little personal data as necessary, but some is needed for our website to function properly. You may disable these by disabling cookies in your browser, but that might make our website really hard to use.

When you first visited us here, we also asked if you would give us permission to store analytical cookies. This is aggregated data for analytical purposes, so we know which content on our website is the most interesting (so we can expand it and provide even more value the next time you visit us).

Our website is built using Hubspot CMS, and we use Hubspot analytics for this purpose. The Hubspot account is in EU, and no personal data is transferred outside EU by using our website.

If you submit a form through our website, we’ll ask you nicely to check a box before it can be submitted. This will give us the legal basis to store the information you give us in our CRM database (which is also provided by Hubspot and located in the EU), making sure we are able to reply to your request.

We also have a few other forms around the website, where you’re able to sign up for newsletters, events and other stuff that might interest you. This is stored in the same manner in the same Hubspot CRM system.

You may of course ask us to delete any data we have stored about you at any time, and we’ll be sure to respond to that request as soon as we can.

We of course have our own Data Protection Officer, who’s a very nice woman named Anne-Marie Østgård. She’ll be able to answer any questions you have about how we handle personal information. You can reach her at

If you believe we are breaking any privacy laws, you could also contact the Norwegian Data Protection Authority, but we’d love it if you gave us a chance to fix it ourselves first.


These are some of the cases where we may store your personal data

  • When you visit our website
  • If you attend one of our events
  • If you are a customer of us
  • If you contact us through forms on our website or
  • If you subscribe to our newsletter
  • If you have applied for a job with us (Yay!)