Your career 
 with Defendable 

Defendable is all about our people. We are always looking for new talents to join our team of highly motivated and capable individuals.


Defendable is a fast-growing cybersecurity company. Our ambition is to be an end-to-end security partner for our clients. We believe the key to good security lies in the ability to translate operational insight into strategic advice.

Our goal is to enable the people, processes and technology of our clients to withstand ever-evolving cyber threats.

With a mission of helping our customers define and execute their cyber security needs, we help our customers become Defendable.


Why join Defendable?


The values

Our core values are brave, humble and caring – but we also believe value words have greater impact if we also tell you what we mean by them.


We dare to challenge conventions.

We strive for the best on behalf of our customers, and sometimes that means doing things differently.

Not because it’s different, but because we genuinely believe it’s the better and more secure way – contributing to our vision of enabling a more secure future for everyone.

And, of course, we stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you if something happens.


You don’t know everything. And neither do we.

That’s why we always strive to be humble. We listen to your needs and are always open to being proven wrong.

We never push for solutions based on profits or what suits us best – but rather what works best for you and your company.


We care. Truly.

We care about our people. Our customers. The world. And the future.

We believe that good security is caring. Because it makes sure you, your employees and your customers are secure in the digital world.


The people

Diversity is important to us because it creates valuable combinations of people. Defendable consists of all kinds of people in different ages, phases of life, backgrounds, and preferences. This is precisely what makes us well equipped to handle the many complex issues we encounter on a daily basis. It creates a unique culture and way of working where we consider different perspectives, learn from each other and play to our various strengths.


The culture

Our goal is to create an environment that fosters happy employees who strive for development, both individually and for the company.

That is why we make every effort to create a workplace where all employees have a voice and opportunity to influence both their own and the company’s direction. We do not believe that people excel through micromanagement, but rather through autonomy and independent responsibilities. At Defendable you will be able to use your creativity and professional expertise to incorporate new perspectives into your work, whilst sparring and learning from both young and experienced colleagues.

Our culture takes pride in enriching both business and social life. Whilst we take our jobs seriously, we also value maintaining a community outside of the office. By employee initiative we have formed interest groups with different activities, including e-sports, role-playing games, food and drinks, frisbee golf and other outdoor activities. Also, we are no strangers to an after-work meal.

Vacant positions

If none of the above vacancies are the right fit for your profile, we also accept open applications.