Security Testing 

We deliver several security testing solutions tailored to your organization. Let us help you understand and reduce your cybersecurity risk.

Security Testing 

Our experience tells us that most organizations are not sufficiently prepared to handle a security breach. This is why we offer different test scenarios to assist you in uncovering your organization’s vulnerabilities and to assess your readiness to handle them.

Using the same updated tools and methods that cyber criminals use, Defendable’s team of ‘ethical hackers’ can simulate cyber-attacks to uncover any vulnerabilities that expose your organization to unnecessary risk.

With Defendable’s Security Testing services your organization get:

» Up-to-date knowledge of present technical, human, and organizational vulnerabilities
» Recommendations on how to effectively mitigate identified vulnerabilities
» A better foundation for cyber risk management
» Strengthened security awareness among management and employees
» Knowledge-transfer to IT personnel regarding detection and handling of cyber-attacks
» Reduced risk of industrial espionage, ID theft, information theft, CEO fraud, ransomware, and other incidents that can cause financial and reputational loss

After completing a security test, you will receive a report with detailed explanations of the test result, as well as specific recommendations for security measures adapted to the needs and the relevant risk profile of your organization. Our cyber risk advisors will be able to support you in managing the recommendations from our test results.

Our security experts deliver a wide range of security tests:

» Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing (VAPT) of external/internal networks, cloud services and IT infrastructure
» Web and mobile application security testing and code review
» Phishing exercises
» Red team exercises